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AYD Judo: Heart & Energy


What if a group of city school students could learn the Olympic sport of judo, practice it to proficiency, compete in local and national tournaments and, most important, apply judo’s social and emotional learning concepts to their daily lives?


In our experience, they’d perform and behave better in school, with improved citizenship marks, fewer behavior referrals, increased school attendance and better grades.  Teachers, parents and the students themselves would note their greater self-control on standardized surveys.  About two-thirds of them would continue to practice judo year-round and compete in regular regional, national and international tournaments.


AYD Judo teaches technically rigorous, competitive judo.  However, we believe judo’s greatest benefits are seen off the mat.  AYD Judo’s motto is “Heart and Energy” – if a student shows these traits on the mat, his or her win-loss record doesn’t matter.  With heart and energy, they’ll learn judo’s Bushido virtues of righteousness, courage, benevolence, respect, sincerity, honor, loyalty and self-control.

AYD Judo is led by Sensei Rick Brown, a nationally known elite judo athlete who has practiced the sport since age 6 and has competed all over the world, including as an alternate to the U.S. Olympic team.  He is assisted by a team of black-belt teachers and advanced students from South Hills Judo Academy and AYD.



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