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The 90-30-90 Program Model


For most of AYD’s history, our core afterschool program has followed a format we call “90-30-90” – 90 minutes of academic assistance and tutoring, a 30-minute supper, and 90 minutes of social and recreational classes designed to develop self-control and personal responsibility.


AYD’s core programs are conducted in partnership with Pittsburgh Public Schools’ Office of Out-of-School Time and housed in public school buildings.  Each school refers its most academically vulnerable students to AYD based on poor grades, low test scores, and/or a high number of behavior referrals or suspensions.  Our aim is to get students back on track academically within one year, and then sustain and build on that success through high school graduation.


AYD believes the cycle of despair that traps many of our young members is most effectively and permanently broken by intense, results-driven intervention and long-term relationships with positive adults, many of whom are AYD alumni or longtime residents of our neighborhoods.  Most of our members remain active in AYD for five or more years.


As of February 2020, 107 students are enrolled in AYD programs; our daily attendance rate is 79%.

AYD Judo

AYD's signature program teaches this Olympic martial art at all our program sites to develop our students' self-control, confidence, and physical fitness.

Social and Emotional Learning

AYD's SEL development program combines a proven, researched curriculum with an array of activity classes that are designed to reinforce the SEL lessons.

Academic Assistance

AYD partners with Neighborhood Learning Alliance in a program to boost grades and test scores of boys and girls in grades K through 8.


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