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Academic Assistance


AYD’s main academic assistance component is offered through our After-School Program, based at Pittsburgh Morrow PreK-8 and the adjacent Emmanuel Christian Church in Brighton Heights.  The program operates from 2:45 to 6 p.m. Mondays through Fridays during the school year.  Up to 90 Morrow students in grades K-8 are enrolled, plus another 8 high school students who work as junior staff tutors.  We also offer a summer camp.  

Since 2009, AYD’s After-School Program at Morrow has operated in partnership with Neighborhood Learning Alliance, which works with AYD to develop curriculum, monitor results, and train staff. 

Each day when Morrow is dismissed, students assemble in the school’s cafeteria for a hot dinner and opening activities.  Students then break off into separate classrooms according to grade.

Elementary students participate in a daily schedule of highly structured academic enrichment, including standards-based reading and math skills development; reading time in small groups, both one-on-one and independently; twice-weekly reading sessions with officers from Pittsburgh Police Zone 1; weekly STEM activities; and monthly van trips to our neighborhood Carnegie Library in Woods Run for reading activities and games.  Interspersed throughout the schedule is plenty of recreation and playtime, both structured and informal, in the school’s gym, playground, and park-like campus. 

Middle school students similarly follow a structured academic schedule, but with activities geared toward older students’ needs and interests.  At the start of the program, AYD provides homework help, followed by math skills development that offers practical applications in popular subjects such as sports and money management.  The AYD Book Club, founded by the students themselves with guidance from the Carnegie Library’s Woods Run branch, provides reading and discussion time on books chosen by the members themselves. A significant portion of each day’s time is spent developing social and emotional learning skills through activities such as chess and leadership skills through cross-age reading with younger students.  Almost all AYD middle schoolers participate in evening recreation activities that extend well beyond the After-School Program schedule, with van transportation provided to and from activities. 

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