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May serve in a wide range of capacities, including van drivers, office assistants, and custodial workers. This category offers the widest range of commitments and hours, although we do ask these volunteers to follow a set schedule.

Requirements: Along with committing to a schedule, we ask you to provide child abuse, PA criminal record, and FBI fingerprint clearances (if you do not have these, we are happy to help you apply!). 


Some jobs may have additional requirements (ie. volunteer van drivers must agree to a driving record check by our insurance company and take an online defensive driving class).

How to Apply: 

We would be happy to answer your questions or set a time for you to visit our programs.


Call us at (412) 776-5040 or send us an e-mail at


Tutor one, two, or three designated students throughout an entire public school grading period. We ask academic mentors to study with their students for 90-minute sessions at least twice a week. Students bring their own study materials and homework assigned by their teachers.




Teach or assist in our free elective classes. Commitments usually range from nine to 18 weeks, with volunteers working two to four hours per weeks.



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